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Planerade och pågående upphandlingar för EU-kommissionens representation i Sverige.

List of specific contracts of a value over €15 000 contracted in 2022 by the European Commission Representation in Sweden

Gopa                                  Intromuros staff in the EPS                           €120060               

Freys Hyrverk                    Limosine services                                         €59000                

Matsällskapet                    Catering services                                          €139000              


Maintenance and refurbishment of chairs COMM/STO/2023/LVP/0874

The Representation of European Commission in Sweden is moving to new premises in the course of 2024 and in order to mindful of the environment we would like to preserve and extend the life span of our existing design office/conference chairs (Arne Jacobsen model 3107 and Swan chairs). Economic operators interested in receiving an invitation to participate in the tender are invited to send their contact details to eTendering link eTendering - Data (europa.eu) by 9 November 2023 00.00.

This publication does not entail an obligation for the European Commission's representation in Sweden to initiate the above-mentioned procurement.